Our client attempted a U-turn from the far, right lane. In doing so, she turned directly in front of Plaintiff’s vehicle, which was traveling in the same direction, resulting in a T-bone collision. As a result, the 27- year-old plaintiff endured a comminuted fracture of his calcaneus, necessitating open reduction, internal fixation and plating, and a wrist fracture, which required percutaneous pinning. The case mediated for $65,000, which was consistent with the firm’s suit evaluation of $75,000. Before trial, Defendant offered $75,000 to plaintiff. In Durham, the jury determined our client was negligent and plaintiff had suffered a serious impairment. Unbelievably, the jury awarded plaintiff only $3,500 in damages. Even more amazing, the jury found plaintiff 47% comparatively negligent based on our argument he failed to keep a proper lookout. As such, the verdict was reduced to approximately $1,800. After mediation sanctions, however, plaintiff received nothing and owed our insurance client a rather significant sum.